About Me

Hobbies and Interests:

I love music, especially dance music. Most notably, I'm into hinrg style music with strong vocals: euro, eurotrash, italo-disco, trance, progressive trance, progressive house, eighties, R&B, Happy House, disco. For more laid back music I really get into ambient and some jazz, new age, and classical. I collect music, listen to it and love to dance to it. I currently have over 2,200 CD's, mostly import stuff. Check out my music link page for more about my music interests. If you share any of my interest or taste in music, drop me a line, I'd love to chat with ya.

Also spend a lot of time traveling. I've loved traveling since I was a kid. My goal was to visit every continent by the time I was 25. I almost made it; I was able to get to 6 of the 7 by time I was 25. Unfortunately, I've never made it to Antarctica. Anyways, I've been to the following countries: England, France, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia (Soviet Union when I went), Kenya, India, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong (part of China now), China, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, and my all time favorite: Australia. Some trips were with family, some solo, some with friends, and a few special ones with my companion at the time. I still want to get to Antarctica someday, but there are so many other places I want to see and experience first, like the Greek Islands, Italy, Spain (especially Ibiza), South Africa, Bali, Fuji, New Zealand, and of course many, many more trips back to Australia (mostly Sydney).  Hopefully, I'll get to share some of these trips and moments with someone special in my life in the future.

Love to work out. I've been hitting the gym regularly for many years. I take pride in myself and my body and love to look and feel my best. I try to blend cardio and weights into an awesome workout routine which I practice on a 6 day rotational cycle every week. I work out at the local 24hr Four Seasons Health Club, although I've kept my Bally's membership as well so that I'm covered most places that I travel in the US.

Spending time with my pets is a huge part of my life. So far I have a tri-color, male miniature bull terrier (Argos) who is a muscled ball of nonstop energy; very alpha-male! Also have a male bengal cat (Storm) who is a very clingy, needy cat that seems to always be getting in trouble. My bird, a female African Grey Parrot (Max) is pretty kewl, although she can't stand women or people that wear coats and jackets. Go figure. Finally, I have a male betta (Charlie), although I can't say I spend much time with him other than to feed him and clean his tank. Still want to get a Savannah cat (cross-bred from African Serval cats), a large saltwater aquarium, and a decent sized pond outside with some goldfish or koi hanging out.

Spending time with home improvements (remodeling, decorating, gardening) keeps me busy as well. Really get into improving my house and decking out my pad with new comforts. Since I bought my house, I've spent alot of time with house improvements ranging from repainting rooms and outside, to furnishing my rooms, to spending time planting a ton of garden features (plants - flowers and bushes, low voltage lighting effects, water features, fencing, etc). My cat, Storm really appreciates my gardening activities as well; spemding his lazy spring and summer days watching all the birds bopping around the plants.

I also spend a lot of time on my computer, ripping and burning cd's, doing school work, using typical applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and the like, and surfing the internet.

Of course, I wouldn't be complete without my love for eating out, shopping, going out to movies, watching movies at home, and going to concerts, plays, and musicals. (check my links page for some references to some of these places and stuff).

When it comes to movies, I really go for drama, comedy, sci-fi, suspense, and some action. Some of my favorite movies are: Almost Famous, American Beauty, Billy'sHollywood Screen Kiss, Beautiful Thing, Blade Runner, The Broken Hearts Club, Dune, Evita, The First Wives Club, Go, Grease, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Matrix, Pretty in Pink, Postcards from the Edge, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars, Steel Magnolias, St. Elmos Fire, Trick, 200 Cigarettes, Xanadu. If you want to see my current collection of home DVD and VHS movies, click here: MY MOVIE COLLECTION

While I love to go out to movies, I've spent a lot of time, money, and energy to equip my basement home theater with a hi quality dolby digital 7.1 surround sound system, which combined with bass rumblers installed in the sofa and my 61" projection tv, makes home movie watching really awesome. Nothing better on a cold rainy winter day than snuggling up with a boyfriend on the sofa and putting in a movie and eating pizza.

Playing Games is another great way for me to chill. I have a Sony Playstation 3 system hooked up in my basement theater room connected to a 61" HiDef Projection TV with a sweet 7.1 surround system that can really crank. So far, not a lot of awesome games out for the system, but have a few nice ones - Resistance: Fall of Man, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivian. Nothing like cranking the surround sound and getting up close to the screen for some really immersive play. Simply Awesome! Also have an Xbox system in my bedroom for those days when I just want to....um....play around in bed. For when, For old school, I have a sweet air hockey table in the basement for nice action play as well.

As for food, whether I eat out or at home, I try to stick to healthy food, although I am not a vegetarian by any means. In fact, while I do like a lot of fruits, I don't really get into many vegetables. yuk! I eat a lot of chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, and some lean beef like lamb, lean pork, and roast beef. I love most types of fruit and salads. I do have a really big weakness for cheesecake! Don't even get me near The Cheesecake Factory. lol. I also love Champagne, which makes me lightheaded, goofy, and, er, touchy-feely. :P   I generally buy non-vintage varieties, since it's just so much simpler. and often cheaper. For non vintage, I like - in order of preference - Moet & Chandon - NV Brut Imperial (about $30/bottle), Moet & Chandon - NV Champagne White Star (about $40/bottle), Taittinger - NV Brut Rose Champagne Prestige (about $50/bottle), Roederer Estate - NV Brut Anderson Valley (about $20/bottle. A BEST VALUE buy), G.H. Mumm - NV Brut Champagne Cordon Rouge (about $32/bottle). Now if we are talking "vintage", then my tastes run about $100 a bottle and WAY up; in order of preference - Louis Roederer - Brut Cristal Champagne, Moet & Chandon - Dom Perignon, and Louis Roederer - Brut Rose. Just about the best thing thing on earth, is a moonlit candlelit dinner with some nice champagne. I'm a big coffee aficionado. I'm not into the pure, black, heavy coffees; I prefer sweeter, lighter, flavored coffees. My favorite coffee type is Kona. My favorite coffee style is latte or cappuccino. My favorite coffee flavors are White Chocolate Mocha and Dulce de Leche. My all-time favorite coffee drink is Starbucks' Venti nonfat White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of Hazelnut (or sometimes Raspberry) - although lately I've been playing around with White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of cinnamon dulce de leche, kind of like a liquid cinnabon. Yummy!

Finally, I love lights. I guess I'll put that here since I don't no where else to put it. Anyways, I love neon lights, especially and my heart is beating like crazy when I get anywhere near Las Vegas, one of my favorite places to go. I have all kinds of rave style lights and effects that I rotate and wear at the clubs, I have neon tri-color "motion" tubes and neon blue tubes installed in my honda civic, and I have all kinds of neon and other lights throughout my house.


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