(also see music page for a huge variety of music related links!)

Here's some of my favorite links, by category:

Buying Guides, Consumer & Professional Reviews, Price Shoppers: - head here to find an index to product reviews on a broad range of products. - this site condenses down reviews from a wide range of other sources and summurizes what the overall trend of the reviews. - THE site for consumer reviews on an extremely wide range of products and services. See what others think of what u want to buy. - THE best site for doing price comparisons. 90% of the time I find the cheapest prices here! - general price search bot. Use this to compare prices on particular products among several internet retailers. - amother good price comparison search bot. - still another price comparison search bot. - great place to look for internet coupons and specials before buying stuff. - another great site with tons of info on internet coupons and specials. - still another great site to look for internet coupons and deals.

My recommended strategy for buying stuff - in 7 easy steps:
1st - go to and do a search for the product u are interested in and see what other's experience with the product is.

2nd - look for "professional" reviews of the product. If u don't know where to look for this, go to and type in the product name and the word review.

3rd - once u know the product u want is worth buying, go to a pricing "bot" to look for the best prices. I usually start with

4th - finally, before buying see if there are any internet coupons or deals that will make the price u found above even lower. Good places for this are,,, and U may want to check several of these sites just like u should check several pricing bots since one site may have info on a coupon or price that another site doesn't.

5th - check out the company u are thinking of buying from to make sure they are reputable and have satisfactory service.If u use as your pricing bot, it includes reviews of the companies that show up in the results automatically. You may also want to check at to see if the company has a complaint history. Another place to look up company info is through

6th - then u might want to check and see if the item u bought - especially if it's an electronic one - has a rebate available for it. For this, go to

7th - Buy your product, get your good deal, and enjoy!

Comedy & Humor:
Dilbert - the cartoon strip. If u work full-time, then u should appreciate the humor Dilbert whips up.
the Onion - satirical "newsweekly" website. This site is consistenly one of the wittiest, with some very biting humor.
Simpsons, The - I think this is the funniest cartoon show on TV. I can't believe they can continue to find funny material after all of these years.

Fitness & Health:
Body Mass Calculator - quickly calculate your body mass (e.g. are you height and weight proportional?)
FitnessZone - locate a gym anywhere in the U.S. (great if you're traveling out of town)
Gold's gym - the gym I work out at. good nationwide chain of gyms.
Men's Health Magazine - good magazine for covering general health and fitness issues
Muscle & Fitness Magazine - good magazine for weightlifters.

Food & Dining:
Cheesecake Factory, The - good restaurant, GREAT CHEESECAKE. YEAH!!! :) U can also buy and fedex cheesecakes. What are u getting me? :)
Domino's Pizza - good ole standby. I don't eat pizza that much because of the fat content, but sometimes I'll order domino's for something when I'm feeling wild. lol. BTW, u can check out the fat content and basic nutritional information on Domino's and other major fast food restaurants using the Food Finder.
Eli's Cheesecake - nice variety of cheesecakes, that can be shipped anywhere, with lot's of unique flavors. Also can order "custom" cheesecakes!
Legal Sea Foods - seafood restaurant chain located on the east coast of the U.S.  Also, u can order seafood items on the website to ship anywhere.
Macaroni Grill - nice moderately priced italian chain restaurant with branches located throughout the U.S. Servings are large and the food is fresh.
Morton's of Chicago - very good steakhouse restaurant chain with branches around the country with very large servings. Also, they have great dessert souffles - very hard to find. unfortunately, expense account prices. When are we going? :)
Zagat Survey - THE place to checkout what others think of that restaurant u are thinking of visiting (consumer restaurant reviews & ratings)

Godiva - incredible gourmet chocolates (I love the truffles!)
Ghirardelli Chocolate - another premium chocolate maker. Their dark chocolates are very good.

         Coffee (Espresso) Related: - for detailed infomation on different types of coffee, roasting styles, and more. Also, can buy coffee beans here. Operated by "Peet's Coffee & Tea." - a fantastic site of a "coffee lovers obsession". Lot's of info especially on making espresso/cappuccino, equipment reviews, etc.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - great online site to order quality coffee beans - whole or ground - from all over the world.
Sally's Place - good all around site with info on coffee types, styles, products, etc.
Starbucks - Can't live without my coffee. My faves are: venti nonfat white chocolate mocha Cappuccino, and rasberry mocha Frappuccino. yummy!
Starbucks Nutritional Information - Starbucks now provides info on the nutritional content of their food and beverages!
Sweet Marias - This is THE place to buy a home coffee roaster. AND, they have a vast selection of wonderful green coffee beans for roasting. Good prices too!
Wholelattalove - great retailer selling all kinds of coffee, espresso machines, grinders, etc. at good prices; from budget to very high end equipment!

         Equipment (appliances, etc.):
Chef's - where u can order all types of cookware, small kitchen appliances, and utensils. Specializes in premium brands.
Williams-Sonoma - find all of your cookware, dinnerware, kitchen appliances, and utensils.

         Gourmet Food:
Dean & Deluca - nice selection of gourmet foods and condiments. Also sells premium cookware, stemwear, utensils, and so on.

         Liquor (spirits, wine, beer) Related:
Bartender's Guide - an exhaustive list of drink mixes and recipes. - website that has lots of info on mixed drinks and recipes.
Cuvaison - a Napa Valley, California winery that makes some nice chardonnay.
Grey Goose Vodka - THE best vodka available. Premium quality (and price) over Absolut.
martinis online - website has everything u ever wanted to know about martini drinks and TONS of recipes for wild martini drink mixes.
Webtender, The - this website lets u search for mixed drink recipes by type of liquor, style of drink, and several other kewl ways.
Wine Education Site - learn all you need to know about wine. Don't be intimidated picking out a wine next time!
Wine Spectator - "Comprehensive" web site to serve all your wine info interests.

Copykat Creations - "you've tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home." Tons of recipes that allow u to make close copies of commercial recipes.
Tastes Alike - Another great website that has tons of great copycat recipes from your favorite chain restaurants. - THE place on the web for comprehensive info on food and TONS of recipes of every kind! - numerous recipes and how to sections.

         The Rest (Misc.): - Do NOT click on this link if u are even thinking of being a vegetarian. This retailer sells VERY exotic game meat like Zebra.

Internet Stuff:
Apple - yes, I'm into Mac computers. Diversity is a good thing! :)
Celebhoo - search engine for finding celebrity web pages and fan sites.
Ditto - search engine for finding locating pictures on the internet.
Facelink - great place for putting some pics of yourself on the web quickly.
FindArticles - search engine for locating topic in magazines and journals.
Google - great all around search engine
Hallmark - has some of the best free E-cards for all occaisons.
Hotmail - internet based free email service that can be set up to also access your regular email - great feature when U are out of town! - an email forwarding service. U pick up to 3 email addresses (e.g., designate what email address u want your email forwarded too, pay a small yearly fee, and sit back and relax.U give out one of your pobox email addresses to people and then u don't have to worry about notifying everyone every time u change ISP providers (e.g. changing from AOL to Earthlink), U jsut adjust where u want your email forwarded. Worth the $15/year!

Music: (also see music page for many more links) - great place to buy dance music on the internet. Lot's of samples! They carry the newest releases and hard to get imports!

News & Information:
Boulevards - an index of alternative newsweeklies and World Wide Web sites emphasizing travel, arts, entertainment, contemporary culture and politics.
CNN- the standard source for global information.
Newslink - Links to all major U.S. national, state and local newspapers, and broadcasters.
Weather Channel - for all your weather related needs.

Cat  Fanciers - general site where u can research different cat breeds, find web links for cat shows, registries, and clubs. Also has links to sites with general and specific veterinary medicine for your cat care needs. - buy all kinds of fantastic toys - some u may never have seen anywhere else - for your kitty here.
International Bengal Cat Society - research the bengal cat breed cat here. My cat, Storm, is a bengal.

         Dogs: - thinking of getting a dog? Start here. U can research specific breeds, view pictures, locate a breeder, read thru classifieds, and more. A neat feature is a "matching" service that will list appropriate dog breeds based on your lifestyle needs.

Flying Fish Express - u can actually buy live  saltwater fish at this website and have them express shipped to u. This company has been in business for several years. Nervous about the fish arriving dead or dying soon after? Well, Flying Fish has a 5 day "Arrive Alive, Stay Alive" guarantee.
Freshwater Aquariums Info (from - good general info source on freshwater aquarium setups, maintainance, and freshwater fish.
Saltwater Aquariums Info (from - good general info source on saltwater aquarium setups, maintainance, and saltwater fish species.

Agfa Online Photo Course - free online training and reference course designed to help teach photography principles. In module format. Covers: thematic photography (e.g. landscpaes, people, child, object, etc), techniques (e.g. close-up, flash, etc.), effects (e.g. filters), photo composition, and more.
Kodak's Guide to Better Pictures - another good free online training and how to reference similar to the Agfa one above.

Martindale's: The Reference Desk - this site is INCREDIBLE! IT has  links (organized by categories) to some of the best websites on the internet to get information, do research, and more! - this site teaches u fast how to do all the thing in life u didn't learn in school. Samples topics include, "so you wanna be a model, so you wanna decorate your apartment, so you wanna ace a job interview, so you wanna learn to play poker" and so on.

School (education) Related:
Cram Info - company makes laminated sheets that "cram" the most pertinent information on them. Available in a range of subjects. Very helpful for quick reference or review.
George Washington University - where I'm going to school - lookup what a word means quickly. also has a thesaurus. - order computer software at incredible student rates with valid student ID; also has less significant computer hardware student discounts. - perform free online searches for scholarships that might be available to u based on your background, interests, etc. Also - u can do searches to match u with the best college for your needs and interests. - a great site with lots of info on paying for college: info on scholarships, loans, work studies, and more with useful loan calculators to see what your loan payments will be.
Martindale's: The Reference Desk - this site is INCREDIBLE! IT has  links (organized by categories) to some of the best websites on the internet to get information, do research, and more!
Martindale's Reference Desk "Calculators Online Center" - this site can also be reached thru the main website link above. This direct link gives u an idea of the power this site has to offer. In this case, u can find an ENORMOUS variety of calculators that are available online for every field and subject imaginable (e.g. air travel, clothing, finance, math, statistics, etc.) - thinking about getting an MBA? Head here for lots of information on what's required to get into a program and particular school, what u can do with an MBA, and much, much more.

         Bath And Body:
Aveda - this company/retailer makes some really nice bath and body products with a sense of aromatherapy to match. Check out their products and locate one of their retail locations near u.
Cosmetics Cop, The - "educating consumers to look beyond the outrageous advertising claims of the cosmetics industry to find products that are affordable and effective. Paula reveals everything the cosmetics industry doesn't want you to know and the fashion magazines can't tell you." Great site that rates what products work and which don't. Includes a specific Men's section as well!
Philosophy - this company makes some incredible face and bodycare cleansing products with some funky names. U can buy online, or look around and go over to Sephora to buy. - looking for customized shampoo and conditioner made just right for u and your specific needs and lifestyle? then visit this site. This place is AWESOME. I get my shampoo and conditioner SOLELY from this site now.
Sephora - THE best place to get all your bath, cologne, and cosmetic items. They have stores throughout the U.S. or u can order online. HUGE selection of products!
Urban Decay - this cosmetic maker has some awesome specialty body glitter items beyond the basic stuff. U can buy here, or look around and then go over to Sephora to buy. Make sure to check out the "glitter sticks - Holographic glitter" and the "FX Shimmer Powder - Urban FX (full-spectrum holographic sparkles)."

         Books And Movies:
Amazon - good place to order Books, Movies, Music and more. The customer reviews are often a great help. - generally the best prices on the web for buying dvd's and they ship U.S. postal service for free. I use them ALOT!
Netflix - dvd movie rental club. select dvd's and have them delivered to your doorstep. just return them when you're done. you never have to leave the house!

            Fashion And Accessories:
Armani Exchange - kewl clothes that are fashionable yet casual.
Banana Republic - conventional, yet comfortable.
Customatix - VERY kewl website for ordering customized tennis/athletic shoes unique to U!
Hugo Boss - incredible fashion clothes with a european flair.
International Male - they have clothing from workout wear, to underwear, to casual clothes, to club clothes, and more.
Kenneth Cole - hip contemporary clothes and accessories from casual, to dressier evening wear to club wear.
Prada - another great fashion name with quality.
Sephora - for all your cosmetic needs. This place has just about every type of cologne or cleansing product u could want.
Skechers - great selection of shoes, from casual tennis style shoes, to clubbing shoes, to dressy styles.
Tag Heuer - some of the greatest sports style fashion watches in the world!
Versace - for up-to-date fashion forward clothing for all facets of your life.

Hammacher Schlemmer - a retailer that has been around for a long time. Well known for carrying unusual gadgets and gifts both large and small. Definitely NOT a discount retailer!
Sharper Image, The - the "king" retailer of all sorts of gadgetery.

            Household: - simply the best incandescent lights around for the home. Very affordable - these lights give off a less "yellow" cast than normal incandescent lights and appear "brighter" with a cleaner light.

         Wild, Kewl, Neat Stuff: - neon clocks, posters, sculptures and more for discount prices.
coolstuff - this retailer has a nice selection of lighting effects for the home and other "cool" and unusual stuff.
Spencer Gifts - the obvious source for the weird and different. Practical jokes, gag gifts, wacky stuff, funky lights, and so forth. - have u ever seen starlamps? They are very kewl at night. I have one in my living room by the window. U can make it out somewhat in  the picture on my home page. Anyways, u can order a variety of them here. And they give u a lot of "bang" for your buck.

Television Shows (past and current):
Golden Girls, The - I miss this old series, but still catch it on Lifetime TV from time to time. This fan site has lots of info on the series, incuding the theme song and the words to it. Check it out.
Queer As Folk - need I say more?
Simpsons, The - I think this is the funniest cartoon show on TV. I can't believe they can continue to find such great material after all of these years.

Flyertalk - a great web forum for discussing frequent flyer issues.
Orbitz - great website for ordering airline tickets. They have access to the major airlines unpublished web fares, etc (since they are owned by the Big 5 U.S. airlines. Consistently finds the lowest fares for flights in the U.S. (not considering and such).

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