My Puppy: Argos
  Argos is a miniature bull terrier (same breed as the "Target Dog"). He is a male tri-color that was born on October 11, 2005. His registered name is Nederes' Go For Broke, however, his common name is Argos -
named after a dog in greek mythology. He's also earned a few nicknames: Argie, Little Monster.

To learn more about the miniature bull terrier breed, click here

If you'd like to read more about Argos, visit his website on - here


Argos resting with his stuffed monkey in the kitchen.

Enough resting. Time to get up to stretch.

Posing for the camera in the kitchen.

Taking a break from playing with his tennis ball in the backyard
to pose for the camera.

Chewing on his tennis ball.


Close-up of top of his head. Sometimes I think that black dot
is his 3rd eye. LOL.

Trying to figure out why his daddy is taking sooooo
many pictures of him.
What's up with that?

Nothing like running around in the backyard.

Stopping to pose while playing on the deck.

Argos chillin in his crate.

Argos in the kitchen looking out from behind the puppy gate.

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