Pictures of Main Room in Basement:

The main room in the basement is quite a room; it is 52' long
and ranges from 11 to 14 feet wide. The basement is accessed
from the main floor via stairways in the kitchen. Being such a
large room, I divided the room into 3 sections: a home theater
area, a bar, and a game area. This area is undergoing decorating
throughout 2006. There are several rooms in the basement located
off of this main room and pictures of those rooms are on a seperate

The stairs leading from the kitchen to the basement.

The home theater area in the basement is at the end of the main
room beyond the room divider. The middle area of the room is
the game area with a 7' air hockey table.

The home theater area in the main basement room - 61" HDTV
rear projection tv with 8 surround speakers and built in bass
rumblers in the black leather sofa.

Another view of the theater area in the basement. I probably
have enough remote controls now.

View from the theater area of the air hockey table and bar area
beyond in the main basement room.

Another view of the bar area: seating on the built-ins can
accomodate 7 people with ease.

Vintage liquor advertising prints above built-in seating.

Another view of the bar area: bar, 2 bar stools, 2 coffee tables
with built-in seating, black fireplace, wall mounted pivot tv.

Another view of the bar area: bar, fireplace, and wall mounted tv.

Another view of the bar area.

The neat thing about this bar is that it is a Gaming Bar - once
you remove the top there are 3 gaming tables below: blackjack
board, roulette board, and a deep inset craps board. Sweet!

Here's the Roulette table for the bar.

The craps table for the bar.

View of the rear of the bar - well stocked for entertaining and with
a small fridge and microwave oven.

View of the main basement room looking from the bar towards
the air hockey table and theater area beyond the divider screen.

Close-up view of the air hockey table.

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