Pictures of Other Rooms in Basement:

Whie the main room in the basement is quite a room - it's 52' long
and ranges from 11 to 14 feet wide - there are several other
rooms in the basement located off of the main room.

Extra bedroom in the basement - 14' x 18'. Being used as a
play room for the puppy right now. Still haven't decided what
to do with it longer term.

Another view of the extra bedroom in the basementt.

A storage room (walk-in closet) off of the extra
bedroom in the basement.

Partially finished bathroom adjoining the extra
room in the basement.

Another view of the partially finished bathroom in the basement.

The laundry room in the basement.

The main storage room in the basement. The room is quite large
and extends around the corner.

Looking up the stairs to the kitchen from the basement.

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