Douglas petting a kangaroo at a wildlife park
in Sydney, Australia. (March 2001)


Ron  having a drink in St. Thomas. (September 1999).

From left to right: Chris, a primary owner of Ziegfeld's, my
good friend Bill, and Steven, the main bartender at Secrets

in the gardens at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. (May 2000).


Bill posing in front of a sign.

my bud James - a real sweetie. He's a freshman at
Univ. of Michigan this year (January 2002)



As two friends we go, you and I,
reasons for which I cannot question why.
Through life's peculiar ins and outs
we'll always know what our friendship is about.

For in times of need you stand along side,
you comfort me on life's rollercoaster ride.
And I care for you when you're down and blue,
for I know the pain and have felt the hurt too.

Sometimes it seems I've reached life's end
only to see you pull me around the next bend.
In times of need I'll be there for you,
it's the least I can do, I know you would too.

So let's cherish this friendship together
and work to ensure it lasts forever.
For it would break my heart
should our paths ever part.

                                    by Mike Cecil

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