Pictures of Front and Side of House and Yard:

These are pictures of the front and sides of my house and yard.

Front of house and yard in fall.

Front of house in fall.

Front Porch and Door decorated for Halloween.

Close-up of one of the gargoyles guarding front door.

Another close-up view of a gargoyle guardian.

Same view of gargoyle guardian lit up at night.

Gargoyles guarding entrance lit up at night and casting shadows
on the walls.

Plant border and Gargoyles around front porch in fall.

Plant border and gargoyle on right front of house.

Close up view of plant border showing blue asters, barberry,
and holly plants to the rear.

Plant border on front left of house in fall.

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree (front yard) showing
its fall foliage.

Side of house (my house is on left) looking towards back yard.
This was taken in the summer before I put up my wood privacy
fence in the backyard. The string and stakes are to mark my
property line.

Front of house lit up at night.

Another view of the front of house lit up at night.

Another view of the front of the house lit up at night with shadow
effects on the walls.

Front yard after early December snowfall.

Another view of front yard after early december snowfall.

Front home entrance after early december snowfall.

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