My cat: Storm
Storm is a purebred bengal cat. He was born on August 11, 1997, which makes him 8 years old. His registered name is Stormrider, but I call him Storm for short. His other nicknames are Stormie, Stormster, and Mauster.

To learn more about the bengal cat breed, click here

If you'd like to read more about Storm, visit his website on Catster.com - here


I'd also like to get another exotic purebred cat. The breed I'm looking at is the Savannah Cat. These cats are
cross bred with African Serval cats; a nice bud for Storm (since he's from an Asian Leopard cat breeding).
For some pics and info on Savannah cats, click here


Storm posing for the camera.

Storm sleeping on my sofa.

Storm sitting by the front door.

Goofing around in my backpack. Maybe he wanted to go to class with me. :)

He has a thing for boxes.

Storm as a Kitten:

Storm as a kitten, sitting on my bed.

Little kitten Storm being goofy after he just woke up.

Kitten Storm playing with his toys.

Kitten Storm showing off his spots on his belly.

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